Promotional Products

Marketing is a crucial part of business. Multiple strategies must be explored to ensure that the company is reaching its target audience. One classic strategy is the giving away of promotional products. These are items that may or may not be made by the company itself but usually has its branding. Marketers prefer things that see daily use like pens, calendars, mugs, keychains, hats, USB drives, notebooks, and the like. Premium items may also be given away to premium clients and business partners. These are provided for free to the recipients but the cost is usually recouped in the following ways:

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Strengthen Loyalty

The biggest gain for the business is the loyalty of the recipients to the brand. This has been proven through various studies. First, it establishes a connection between customers and the company. Usually, it is the consumers who spend money to acquire items. This time it is the company making the effort and providing them with free items for their use. It could be seen as a way of giving thanks for their patronage. People truly appreciate this gesture. If it is a useful and high quality item, then it is likely to be kept around for a long time.

Increase Brand Recall

Indeed, it would be a great thing if the promotional item gets used for an extended period. The brand will be seen by the owner every day. This daily reminder can be a powerful mental stimulus. It definitely increases brand recall, implanting the image in the subconscious. If the user needs to purchase new items, this image will pop up without any additional prodding. The long-term use will help make it an indelible image that will stay long after the item has been exhausted. This makes it an economical but extremely effective marketing tool.

Spread Awareness

The end-user will not be the only one affected by the item. Promotional products are likely to come into contact with other people as well. These include the owner's family, friends, and colleagues. When they see the brand, the same effect will happen to them though to a lesser degree. This is still enough to spread the word and make them curious. They might ask about it and learn from the user. Never underestimate the power of word of mouth, especially coming from loyal brand evangelists. Even if they don't ask about it, the image will stay in their heads for easy recall further down the road.

Boost Sales

Of course, effects of these items do not stop there. Their presence also increases the likelihood that people will go back to buy products from the brand soon after. It has been well-established that nudging a buyer to make repeat purchases is much easier and cheaper compared to convincing new people to take the plunge. When you have repeat customers who are loyal due to quality and service, you can be assured of a steady stream of profits. Once you add the effects of the freebies, the sales will soar even further.